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Language Courses

Language school LINX Language Institute offers corporate, group and individual language courses. You can select from following focuses. After agreement and forming special study plan it is certainly possible to combine these profiles arbitrarily and to enhance them further according to the requirements and needs of client.

Basic profile focus:

General language

Use of language in ordinary personal and work situations, equal allocation of teaching among all the key language parts: speaking, reading, writing, grammar, listening.

Conversation lessons

Greater emphasis is placed on ability of understanding in all types of real situations. One of important elements is transforming your passive vocabulary (ability to understand) into active vocabulary (self-ability to use).

Professional language (business, law language etc.)

Specially conducted lessons with aim to deepen language competency profiled narrowly in particular field (business, law, finances, medicine etc.). Combination of more methods is used for complex enhancing field language endowment.

International language exams preparation

Lessons focused on direct preparation for particular state and international exams.

Languages for children + Language preparation for the youngest of us (pre-school age)

Teaching children requires quite different parameters and methods that are being developed gradually as children grow. Single lessons include a lot of interesting language games. Emphasis is also placed on practical use of language (songs, motion games). We also arrange group courses for children, and thus your child can be educated together with its best friend or we can draw lesson in a form of children + parents.

Languages for seniors

A lot of people wrongly think that after the age of 20 it is too late to start with languages. By us you will find out, however, that it is never too late for languages. Thus if you have a good mind, let yourself lead by experienced lecturers. We will adapt you lessons exactly according to your requirements and no vacation will pose you a language barrier any more.

Intensive crash course – discount

If you expect a sudden trip abroad or you need to improve your level of language maximally as possible, accept an offer of intensive crash course – number of needed lessons by agreement, possibility of interesting discounts.

Preparation for leaving examination from language

The exam of maturity is a big step into future that is why it is not good to underestimate preparation for it. If you do not believe in yourself, let yourself advise from trained lecturers. Exercising particular leaving exam topics according to requirements of you and your school.

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