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Courses For The Youngest

We offer teaching English or eventually other foreign language in kindergartens. Just the language endowment is a key factor in further study and labour self-realization of your offspring. It is proved that child in pre-school age is able to learn severalfold more than later. That is why multilingual environment is ideal for the youngest ones of us. Teaching is conducted by spontaneous funny form, in form of games, competitions and songs. Child is thus motivated to join teaching actively and it ideally develops its language skills.


Following courses are proposed in such a way that after child finishes one course, next and enlarging course fluently concurs. The lecturer always builds teaching plan exactly according to skills of children in the course and in such a way that the course would be hundred per cent beneficial for every pupil.

1. Elementary course – 15 weeks á 60 min (15 x 60 min)

Price: 2000 CZK / pupil; minimal number of children: 5, maximal number of children: 12

2. Intensive course – 10 weeks á 2 x 60 min (20 x 60 min)

Price: 2600 CZK / pupil; minimal number of children: 5, maximal number of children: 12

Commuting of lecturer to kindergarten, preparation of teaching materials and small awards for competition, are included in the price of the course.


Give your children the most important thing, which is language preparation that will help them at primary, secondary school, at university and in labour self-realization in most employments as well.

3. Childminding along with teaching English or another language

Price 150 CZK / every commenced lesson


Especially for little children it is complicated to keep attention for a long time and that is why classic form of teaching for example once a week 60 minutes individually with lecturer has often lower efficiency than we wish. However we offer you a simple solution. Childminding along with language teaching is the most natural form how the child meets practical and regular use of language different from mother tongue. We will simulate home bilingual environment (as in marriage in which   each parent speaks different mother language). Child acquaints with the language on very practical level and not “at the study desk”. Regularity of childminding joined with teaching ensures easier language adaptation of the child. Last but not the least the price is significantly lower than in case of individual teaching.

®2009, Linx Language Institute