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Etiquette Courses

Keeping certain protocol and social and business ethics is a necessity nowadays. We would be glad to assist you or your employees with preparation for everyday social situations that we meet in both private and professional life. Just the knowledge of etiquette, cultural differences in international professional contact and generally knowledge of principles of bon ton are the right way to progressive development of your company and conducting successful cooperation with Czech or foreign clients.


As always we propose / arrange training made-to-measure to your needs. As a basis to build on, please select from following courses. Prices are always final and they include the journey of lecturer to your company.

Social etiquette I

Basic framework:

  • Social significance
  • About propriety, courtesy and tact
  • The first contacts – shaking hand and introduction
  • University degrees and their use
  • Visiting cards
  • Fundamentals of dining
  • Fundamentals of dress code and personal presentation

LENGTH: 4 hours
PARTICIPANTS: min. 4 / max. 8
PRICE: 6 000 CZK (materials excluding) / 6 500 CZK (materials including)


Social etiquette II

Basic framework:

  • Rules of dining
  • Social actions and events
  • Dress code and personal presentation
  • General rules of business contact
  • Cultural differences

It is possible to arrange the course along with practical training of dining (+1 hour, price +1500 CZK).

LENGTH: 4 hours
PARTICIPANTS: min. 4 / max. 8
PRICE: 6 500 CZK (materials excluding) / 7 000 CZK (materials including)

There is possibility to join training Etiquette I and II into one all-day course (8 hours). In this case the price is 10 000 CZK materials including.


Social etiquette – special courses

Enhancing and very detailed courses in fields:

  • Dress code
  • Dining practical training including
  • Social actions and events

It can be offered after course Etiquette I.


LENGTH: 4 hours
PARTICIPANTS: min. 4 / max. 8
PRICE: 7 500 CZK (materials including)


Corporate culture

Basic framework:

  • Significance of applying rules of ethics and etiquette within corporate culture
  • Identity and integrity of society
  • Corporate culture and fundamentals of company presentation
  • General rules of business contact
  • Rules of business communication and visiting cards
  • Dress codes (manager / employee)
  • Types of business negotiations and relating issues
  • Cultural differences in business contact
  • How to present my level

LENGTH: 4 hours
PARTICIPANTS: min. 3 / max. 6
PRICE: 8 000 CZK (materials including)

Individual teaching / courses made-to-measure

PRICE: 1500 CZK / every commenced lesson (preparation of materials including)

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